Tree sculpture 1

Tree Sculpture 1 Commisioned Piece

Tree sculpture 1 commisioned piece
Dead trees deseve a second life, and standing in the space they have blessed for so many years. : this one called for a Green Man of course, and I like the way the owners have allowed the ivy, with centuries of its own place in mythology, to grace the image.

Have you a dead tree in your garden? Don’t have it cut down – what a waste of an opportunity! Change it, instead, to the most remarked outside sculture in your neighbourhood. Expensive, of course, but just imagine what it could do for your garden. (And check the cost of having it cut down as the only alternative: you’ll be startled.) Please note that softwood trees, such as pines, unless maybe Douglas firs, do not carve so well, so you would need to have in mind larger images with less detail.