Green Man free standing 3

Green Man free-standing 3

The guardian of green places.

The pagan demi-god celebrated on bosses, pillars, and carvings in English cathedrals and churches. In Exeter cathedral there are more images of the Green Man than of the Christian deity to which the cathedral is dedicated.

He is a figure as old as the history of man records. He appears on Roman columns in Turkey, in Jain temples in Rajasthan. His heritage in part stems from the Dionysian revels in ancient Greece.
Evidence of the Green Man’s journey to his dwelling places in Britain has been traced through Hungary, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Holland. In Britain alone there are over a thousand sites where carvings of the Green Man are to be found. And most of those are old. Most of those are places of worship.

The Green Man changed in his journey through the century and from the ancient places. He has subsumed in his travels through the woods and glades of the world, the Dionysian god of the grape to blend with Pan, he became a wilder deity altogether. He is benevolent, and associated with all good things, but a guardian too. He is benevolent and kindly, but only to those who do not offend against the green world.

As a guardian, he is weaponed with power, fearsome to the transgressor. Hence the stern expression, hence the vipers in the hair. And that is why his image should grace your garden. But they can equally well stand vigil in your house. I have not seen any anywhere with horns, but I thought they would help him in his job.

But perhaps you would like a Green Man in a kindlier mood? That can be created for you: commissions are accepted. Tell me what you want , and we can take it from there.

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Black poplar, 38 cm. tall. 28 cm diameter . Price: £450